Health@home Link

When your business needs to incorporate support for remote monitoring while minimizing the total cost of ownership, you need to be in a flexible position where there are competitive alternatives. You need a solution that is based on open standards where innovation can be easily incorporated into the system and there are a range of available options.

Most remote monitoring solutions create vertical silos in which choice and innovation become limited. Health@Home Link is the solution that opens the door to innovation instead of locking it out.

Health@Home Link provides a complete system of personal health devices, aggregation hubs, and backend cloud services. However, unlike other industry offerings each of the components in Health@Home Link is based on open industry interface specification and the total system adheres to the Continua Architecture. Future innovative components, such as new sensors, can be quickly incorporated into the system.

In addition, since Health@Home Link is a complete solution, the integration work has already been done and support is through a single source. There is little need for the costly domain expertise associated with internal development and integration. With Health@Home Link your organization can be an agile leveraged position with a fixed low risk initial investment.


Health@home LinkĀ Components

1. Personal Health Devices

Health@Home Link provides a selection of devices appropriate to a defined disease condition. See Health@Home Connect for additional details on Personal Health Devices.

2. Health@home Fixed or Mobile Hub
Health@home Linux and PC Fixed Hubs or Health@home Android and iOS Mobile Hubs are capable of receiving data from Zigbee, USB, Bluetooth, and Bluetooth Smart transports.

3. Health@home Exchange
Health@home Exchange server receives the measurements from the Health@home Hub and forwards them to any application that is registered with it. It allows these applications to receive measurements from a single source.

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