LNI Product Portfolio

  • 1-Personal-Health-Devices-
  • 2-H@H-Hubs
  • 3-H@H-Exchange
  • 4-H@H-Insight

Personal Health Devices 

The solution allows plug-and-play of Continua-certified or standard health sensors that measure blood pressure, blood glucose, heart-rate, temperature, pulse oximetry, weight-scales, and body composition. More device types are constantly being added to the solution.

Health@home Hubs

Health@home PHG2000L and PC Home Hubs or Health@home Android and iOS Mobile App Hubs are capable of receiving data from USB, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart, and Zigbee, and forwarding that data to where it is needed most.

Health@home Exchange

Health@home Exchange server receives the measurements from the Health@home Hub and forwards them to any application that is registered with it. It allows these applications to receive measurements from a single source in any format they may require.

Health@home Insight

Health@home Insight application can be installed on any on-premise servers or in the cloud. When Health@home hub collects medical data from PAN (Personal Access Network) devices, it forwards data to the WAN receiver such as Health@home Exchange that further distributes the medical data to HRN (Health Record Network) or Health@home Insight system.