Provides economies of scale in healthcare and life sciences — long term care and rehab facilities, hospitals, chronic disease management, virtual visits and clinical trials


DURHAM, NH (October 20, 2016) – Lamprey Networks, Inc. (LNI) today launched its second generation Personal Health Gateway, the Health@Home PHG2000L. The PHG2000L is the first multi-user hub on the market, optimized for secure, standardized and cost-effective monitoring of health populations. It is the newest component of LNI’s Health@Home end-to-end interoperability solution for remote monitoring, and can be utilized as part of LNI’s turn-key Health@Home Solution offering, purchased off-the-shelf, or customized in bulk via LNI’s white label engineering services.


LNI’s PHG2000L is the only commercially available product in its class that complies with the Continua Design Guidelines both in collecting data from devices and in transmitting that data to cloud services. The Continua Design Guidelines are a publicly available framework for authentic, user friendly interoperability of personal connected health devices and solutions, and adopteded by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) as standard H.810. The PHG2000L is designed for connectivity via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or cellular.


“The PHG2000L achieves a significant step forward for remote monitoring in healthcare by addressing clinical concerns related to patient identity, correctness of time, and measurement representation while providing the simplest possible user experience in a cost effective platform that supports enterprise management, provisioning, and security. Further, the PHG2000L is unique in that the personal health information can be separated from other device communications, allowing it to address a wide range of privacy issues,” said Barry Reinhold, President and CTO, LNI.


“In addition to superior technological features, the PHG2000L provides dramatic economies of scale for healthcare and life sciences buyers; such as those in long term care and rehab facilities, hospitals and clinics managing diabetes or other chronic populations; remote physician visit services; as well as pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations deploying monitoring devices in clinical trials,” said Mike Mazzola, CEO, LNI. “Further, our white label service provides a branded option for organizations marketing an integrated remote monitoring service,” said Mazzola.


About Health@Home

Health@Home is LNI’s line of end-to-end interoperability solutions, comprising hardware and software hubs, devices, analytics and services for remote monitoring in healthcare and life sciences. Health@Home Connect provides customer site components such as sensors and Health@Home hubs. Health@Home Link helps customers manage deployed equipment and collect device observations from a single IP address. LNI’s Health@Home Spectrum offers a complete product and service package that includes LNI’s Health@Home Insight data analytics application. Health@Home SDKs are available on multiple platforms to support Continua-compliant device specializations, data collection and cloud delivery.


About LNI

LNI is a leading provider of standards based, consumer and patient centric, end-to-end connectivity and interoperability solutions — from personal sensors into the cloud to care providers. LNI licenses commercial grade implementations of industry standard protocols that follow the Continua Design Guidelines, including Bluetooth Low Energy and ISO/IEEE 11073-20601 based managers and clients as well as IHE transactions, mobile and fixed hubs, cloud based services, and integrated solutions. For more information on LNI’s health solutions, please visit http://lampreynetworks.com/.


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Editor’s Note: High resolution LNI logo and Health@Home PHG2000L hardware hub photos available upon request.

Download the release here