Durham, NHAugust 19, 2010-Lamprey Networks, Inc. (LNI) is pleased to announce that Continua Health Alliance has certified its HealthLink USB Manager Software supporting the weighing scale device. Continua Health Alliance is a non-profit coalition of healthcare and technology companies dedicated to standardizing remote health and wellness solutions.  HealthLink has been added to a growing list of Continua CertifiedTM products from nearly 230 member companies who are paving the way for personal connected health and wellness solutions.

HealthLink is a software manager that can run on any Windows or Linux PC. HealthLink includes a complete implementation of an ISO/IEEE 11073-20601 manager, an xHR interface and a user interface for easy configuration and control. HealthLink collects data from Continua Certified devices, such as weighing scales and blood pressure monitors, and sends the data to electronic health repositories (eHR). HealthLink also includes integrated support for personal health repositorties (pHR) Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault.  Once the data is delivered to the eHR or pHR, it is immediately available for viewing and can be shared with family or care providers.  HealthLink includes full support for USB and Bluetooth transports and LNI is working to include ZigBee transport in the near future.

“We are excited to introduce HealthLink to the Continua and healthcare community,” says Barry Reinhold, President of LNI. “In a society where the rate of chronic disease continues to rise, LNI believes HealthLink will help establish an environment of interoperable remote health solutions by providing technology to help individuals better manage their personal wellness.”

“The addition of the LNI HealthLink USB Manager Software is another milestone in the development of a Continua Health Alliance end-to-end solution, as it enables the connection of Continua devices to health records systems,” said Chuck Parker, Executive Director, Continua Health Alliance. “This software fully supports two current Continua transports in Bluetooth and USB, which helps to expand the capabilities of Continua solutions.”

About LNI
LNI is the industry expert in Continua Compliance and Interoperability.  With its growing suite of products, LNI continues to enable the remote healthcare industry to deliver higher quality patient care, while reducing overall costs.

About Continua
Continua Health Alliance is a non-profit, open industry coalition of the finest healthcare and technology companies joining together in collaboration to improve the quality of personal healthcare. With nearly 240 member companies around the world, Continua is dedicated to establishing a system of interoperable personal health solutions with the knowledge that extending those solutions into the home fosters independence, empowers individuals and provides the opportunity for truly personalized health and wellness management. For more information visit: www.continuaalliance.org.