Health@home Spectrum

Health@Home Spectrum is a complete end to end system for remote monitoring that enables an organization to provide open standards based remote monitoring without the need for internal development or integration. Health@Home Spectrum is the complete remote monitoring infrastructure provided by Health@Home Link with the Health@Home Insight application. Health@Home Spectrum provides for rapid deployment while allowing an organization to be position for growth and innovation. (See Health@Home Link for additional advantages associated with Health@Home Spectrum).

Health@home Link Components:

  1. Personal Health Devices
    Health@Home Link provides a selection of devices appropriate to a defined disease condition. See Health@Home Connect for additional details on Personal Health Devices.
  1. Health@home Hubs
    Health@home Linux and PC Fixed Hubs or Health@home Android and iOS Mobile Hubs are capable of receiving data from Zigbee, USB, Bluetooth, and Bluetooth Smart transports.
  1. Health@home Exchange
    Health@home Exchange server receives the measurements from the Health@home Hub and forwards them to any application that is registered with it. It allows these applications to receive measurements from a single source.

Health@home Insight Application:

Health@home Insight application can be installed on any on-premise servers or in the cloud. When Health@home hub collects medical data from PAN (Personal Access Network) devices, it forwards data to the WAN receiver such as Health@home Exchange that further distributes the medical data to HRN (Health Record Network) or Health@home Independent Living system.

Health@home Spectrum