Health@home Connect

Health@home Connect is a standards-based solution that provides one or more personal health devices as well as a Health@Home hub. Health@Home Connect enables a turn-key solution for specific disease conditions to be deployed to a customer site. All components in Health@Home Connect are based on international standards. Data collected from personal health sensors can be forwarded by Health@home Hub to cloud services that distribute the medical data to backend Health Record Network (HRN) Systems.


Health@home Connect

Health@home Connect Components:

  1. Personal Health Devices

The Health@Home Connect product offers qualified Personal Health Devices manufactured by a number of different organizations. All devices in the Health@Home product line are compatible with the Continua Guidelines and tested with Health@Home Hub to ensure proper operation.

  1. Health@home Hubs

The Connect Solution pairs  the Personal Health Device(s) with one of LNI’s Hub offerings. Health@home Linux and PC Home Hubs or Health@home Android and iOS Mobile Hubs are capable of receiving data from Zigbee, USB, Bluetooth, and Bluetooth Smart transports.