Bluetooth Body Composition Analyzer
Continua Certified: Yes
H@H Hubs compatibility:  Windows, Linux, Android


Product Features

  • Transmits measurements via Bluetooth HDP
  • Continua Compliant
  • Supports Weight Measurements(lbs, kgs)
  • Supports Body Fat Ratio Measurements(%)
  • Supports Base Metabolism Measurements (kcal/day)
  • Supports BMI Measurements
  • Supports Muscle Mass Measurements
  • Supports Body Water Volume Measurements


1. Begin with the device powered off
2. Press and hold the center button (located at the rim of the device near the display) to begin pairing
3. Use the left and right arrows to select the ‘Pr’ option from the available choices.
4. Use the left and right arrows to choose which patient to associate with the pairing information.
5. Use the Health@Home interface to discover and connect to the A&D BCA.
If needed, the PIN# is 123456.